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Coaching Certificates

I am thrilled to share my coaching certificates with you! My extensive experience in counseling, mental and behavioral health, education, and directorship, spanning more than a decade, are reflected in my coaching.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Transformation Academy
Certified for Master Mindset Life Coach from Transformation Academy
Certified Group Life Coach from Transformation Academy
Certified REBT Mindset Life Coach from Transformation Academy
Certified Confidence Life Coach from Transformation Academy
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach from Transformation Academy
Certified Abundance and Manifestation Coach from Transformation Academy

Ready for your transformation to begin?

I get asked this often...

What's the Difference ?

Ok, no drama llama, what in the shooting stars is the difference between


Life Coaching

  • Certifications available in various niches, no advanced degree needed.
  • Helps the client to build practices about her well-being, taking a more holistic approach.
  • Aiming for the client to go from the present day to focusing on her future, going from 0 to 10+.
(I heard someone say, 'Zero to Hero!')
  • Structured to be short-term and have a centered clear focus around sessions.


  • Advanced degree needed and professional license to practice.
  • Able to treat mental illness.
  • Provides clinical care for mental health conditions.
  • Rooted in the past and connecting it to the patient's present, going from -10 to 0. 
  • Usually follows a set treatment plan.
  • Not usually time-limited and sessions vary based on the treatment modality.

Both Typically....

  • Provide a safe place to be listened to and heard.
  • Are invested in helping you better yourself.
  • Share a non-judgemental and supportive role.

Experience Transformation

Mindset Life Coaching with me will empower you to break through those limiting beliefs and replace them with a growth mindset to achieve great success.

Ready to run your own show, and run it now?

Take your first leap by emailing Leece today.

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