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5 Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Take Home

Section 3: Miniature Photo Frames


Introduction: Take Me Home Tonight!

Are you looking for wedding favors that your guests will truly cherish and remember your special day by? Do you want your guests to actually go into work the following Monday after your reception and show everyone around the office the cool gift they got to take home from your wedding? Well then you’re in luck! Here are five unique ideas that are sure to delight and make a lasting impression, the kind of gifts that scream, “Take Me Home Tonight!” Oh and by the way, if you’re singing a certain song with lyrics that match - you’ll likely be humming for the next few hours. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s OK - just keep on reading anyway. 

Here’s the 5 Unique Wedding Favors and some handy descriptions of the ‘why’ behind them:

1. Personalized Drinkware

Give your guests something they can use again and again with personalized drinkware. Whether it's elegant wine glasses, sleek champagne flutes, or practical coffee mugs, adding their names or a special message will make each guest feel appreciated and remembered. One gift that I have is the tumbler that my best friend gave me at her wedding. It reads, “Leece” in beautiful cursive and then below my name, “Matron of Honor” in bold block lettering. The running joke is how long I’ll have it until I lose it, like I do most of my other tumblers! The jokes on my best friend as the tumbler is still in my possession and I still use it weekly. This gift comes in at number one in my book!

Personalized drink ware for wedding favor. Women's names on each of the three white drinking tumblers. Under their names, a simple photo of the wedded couple. The three tumblers are on a wooden table.
Personalized drink ware for wedding favor.

2. Memorable Magnets

Magnets are not only practical but also make for great souvenirs. Personalize them with a great picture or two, your wedding date, initials, or a fun quote that reflects your personality as a couple. They'll look great on refrigerators and serve as a constant reminder of your beautiful day. I have magnets on the side of my metal filing cabinet, on my kitchen refrigerator, and even a few at my elderly parents house! Magnets typically don’t get lost and can be used over and over again. When I see the magnet of the couple smiling back at me, I’m instantly transported back in time to their wedding day and fun memories start to flood my heart of that day where wedding wishes came true!

A magnet for a wedding favor. On the magnet is a wedding photo of the wedded couple. The words, "Thank You," and the couples name along with the wedding date is on the opposite side of the photo. The couple's names are Autumn and Michael. Autumn is bent over laughing while Michael holds her hand and smiles at her. They are in an outdoor setting walking on a brick path through a garden layout.
Memorable magnets as a great wedding favor.

3. Miniature Photo Frames

Next to wedding planning, photography is my second favorite thing about weddings. Especially because of the memories. But what good are the photos if you have no where to put them? Capture memories from your wedding day and allow your guests to do the same with miniature photo frames. Choose frames that complement your wedding theme and place a memorable photo or their name inside, use it as their place setting or table number, or let guests insert their own favorite photo from the event. Whichever floats your boat, the late American author Arthur Brisbane said it best with the idea that, ‘a picture is worth one thousand words.’ Let your guests go home with the fondest of memories with their miniature photo frames.

4. Photo Booth Printouts

Create a fun and interactive experience with a photo booth at your wedding. Have a table with props and baskets with costumes and dress-up material. Offer printouts of the photos as personalized favors for your guests. They'll love taking home a tangible memory of the joyful moments shared with friends and family. Fun fact, every age group and generation loves these fun memorable items!

Photo booth printouts for guests to take home.
Photo booth printouts for guests to take home.

5. Gourmet Food Items

At our wedding, one of my bride’s maid’s mom’s (say that ten times fast) made our guests tens of thousands of hand made, home baked, delicious Italian cookies. No one could tell you what kind of cake we handed out, but everyone remembers ‘Linda’s cookies!’ Treat your guests to gourmet delights that will tantalize their taste buds. Consider locally sourced honey jars, artisanal chocolates, personalized cake pops, or even mini bottles of infused olive oil. These edible favors are not only delicious but also a thoughtful way to thank your guests for celebrating with you.

Gourmet Italian cookies as a special wedding favor.
Gourmet Italian cookies as a special wedding favor.


Choosing the right wedding favors is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation to your guests and leave them with something special to remember your wedding day by. Your favor should represent you as the newly wed couple, and selecting one these unique favors is sure to be taken home and cherished for decades to follow. Your guests will appreciate the effort and love put into selecting something meaningful for them to enjoy long after the celebration ends.

Ready to make your wedding favors unforgettable? Contact us today to start planning your personalized gifts that guests will truly treasure. Let's create memories together that last a lifetime!

To Love and Everlasting Love,

- Leece, Your Dedicated Wedding Planner

. . . . .

Work with Leece and her team at Elegant Events by Leece for a wedding experience that exceeds your dreams and expectations. Learn more about Leece's personalized planning packages by booking a free consultation today!

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